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Why Hire a Certified Professional Inspector?


When property owners and prospective property owners in Spokane, WA or the surrounding area need a confident and detailed assessment of their real estate venture, they know they can come to Affordable Home Inspection, LLC. We are here to provide you with dependable care regardless of the nature, size, or state of repair of your property, and you can count on us to make sure the job is done right the first time. We want to prove why we are the ideal property inspector for you!

My name is Robert Rich and I am the owner and chief inspector of Affordable Home Inspection, LLC. Professionalism is a key aspect of our business model. You can depend on my team to always listen to your concerns closely and address your questions directly. My certified and trained inspectors will apply our substantive knowledge of the industry to make sure every corner of your residential or commercial property is thoroughly examined. We offer reasonable rates and hassle-free scheduling options. Look to us whenever you need your next Home Inspection, Commercial Property Inspection, Pest and Termite Inspection, Radon Inspection and Testing and/or Foundation Inspection.


Spokane, WA & Surrounding Areas

Whether you’re looking to buy a new house, sell an owned property, or simply address concerns you may have about your existing home, Affordable Home Inspection, LLC can put your mind at ease. We are trained and experienced home inspectors and we believe strongly in always centering ourselves around the needs of our clients. Contact us to schedule your next Home Inspection.


Spokane, WA & Surrounding Areas

If you are thinking of purchasing any type of commercial property, it’s important to have a comprehensive inspection to ensure that it’s as safe and well-maintained as you think it is. And that’s where we come in. At Affordable Home Inspection, LLC we offer thorough and comprehensive commercial property inspections in Spokane, WA. Contact us to schedule your next Commercial Inspection.


Spokane, WA & Surrounding Areas

Your home’s foundation is its core, and cracks or crumbling can seriously compromise its structural stability. So whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster or are just due for a foundation inspection, be sure to trust a certified, trained and professional inspector to look at your property. Contact Affordable Home Inspection, LLC to perform your next Foundation Inspection.


Spokane, WA & Surrounding Areas

 Our definition of a “Well Inspection/Test” is a thorough evaluation of the entire well system. It begins with the operation of the pump and how effectively the water recycles into the well. We evaluate all of the parts through to the pressure tank (located in the basement). There are dozens of parts to be tested that deliver water to many locations in your house. It is crucial that you hire a certified and trained professional that knows how to conduct a thorough inspection and test of your well system. Contact Affordable Home Inspection, LLC to schedule your next Well Inspection/Test.


Spokane, WA & Surrounding Areas

When it comes to the health of your family or employees, you can’t afford to take chances. So when it comes to radon, it’s imperative that you get answers. Exposure to radon can result in a number of serious health issues. And while older homes and buildings are more likely to fall victim to radon problems, those who work or reside in newer structures are also at risk. At Affordable Home Inspection, LLC, we offer comprehensive radon inspections and tests designed to give you the answers you need and the peace of mind you deserve. Leave it to us for your next Radon Inspection/Test.


Spokane, WA & Surrounding Areas

It’s an unfortunate fact that many people buy properties without realizing what problems lurk behind their walls and beneath their surfaces. We offer thorough, dependable pest and termite inspection services for residential and commercial structures. Pest and termite issues are more common in Spokane, WA properties than you might think. So if you’re considering buying a home or investing in a commercial building, it’s essential that you get it checked out by a trained and qualified professional before signing a contract. Leave it to Affordable Home Inspection, LLC for your next termite Inspection/Test.

“My wife and I have just purchased a new home in the Spokane area and our realtor recommended we have a home inspection done. Not sure I was convinced a new home needed inspecting but she recommended Affordable Home Inspection and made an appointment with Robert. Robert is very personable yet professional. His inspection was thorough (3+ hours) and well worth the money. His report, complete with pictures, was very complete and detailed. We would certainly recommend him to others and will if the opportunity arises.”

Chuck T.

Home Inspection

“Our home inspection was very prompt for setting up the inspection time and receiving our report. This was crucial, since we had a short timeframe for closing. The inspection was more thorough and meticulous than any other I’ve seen. I loved that the report had pictures to accompany the comments, so you could really see what each item was describing. I would definitely refer all my friends and family to Affordable Home Inspection. A great price for a quality inspection!”

Andy S.

Home Inspection

“Robert was amazing. I found his inspection detailed and complete. But his customer service has gone above and beyond, in my opinion. He came out and helped with a minor plumbing issue after we closed on our house. He helped me identify the issue and helped to fix it. AMAZING!!! So impressed. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of Robert’s services!!!”

Kellilin M.

Home Inspection

“Robert has been my go to home inspector for my last few transactions (I am a realtor), but I just recently used him for my own home inspection. He was amazingly thorough and left no stone unturned. If there is something to be found, he will find it and give his professional recommendation as to how it should be remedied. I would recommend his company to anyone buying a home.”

Benjamin B.

Home Inspection



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